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The Wrong Dress

Alex huffed in frustration. The newly purchased Lolita dress turned into a tremendous disaster for her day plans. It was meant to display a delightful pastel, but the pink was angry. The pink accents of the strawberry bunny dress stuck out. Alex reached towards the trembling hanger, weighed down by ruffles and cotton adornments. The accent color snaked its way around the dress as a commercial Barbie pink woven into an all-white cotton fabric. Her soft manicured hand caressed the dress once more. The hanger twisted as her hand moved over the stitching. This dress failed as pastel and charming for her return to the Lolita community. She wanted to challenge her sweet friends to out think their fashion goals. Her lip tucked under her teeth, as she nibbled in disappointment.

Online orders are a gamble in kawaii societies. Measurements needed to be accurate or adjusted by a tailor towards the hopeful lolita member. Alex was used to the hassle. She trusted her keen eye to spot inconsistencies. The new dress was a barbie colored shock. Her lipgloss stuck to her teeth, the more she nibbled. She despised this current inconsistency. All the images on the website depicted light pink accents. This Barbie colored tracing was a disgrace to her pastel namesake. Her hands dropped the soft fabric. The emptiness of her stale room resting in her moist palms.

She had just moved into this broom closet of an apartment. The dancing dust continued to cling to various crevices. Her Harry Potter sensibilities had her wary, but her wallet screeched at her to choose this cheaper place to live. Her unboxed dresses and platform shoes lined up as a ghostly inspired rainbow. She glanced towards the piled boxes. Her bed and uncovered mattress called out to her. Exhaustion wrinkled her nose. There was a few hours until the meetup. Perhaps a nap would help her. She shuffled to the Twin bed. Its wooden posts wrapping upward as if to welcome her weary form.

A chirping ringtone sounds from her heart-shaped backpack. Dragging her feet forward she reaches towards the zipper. The metal clenches, as it pulls back. Just a little wear and tear from overuse.She lifted the phone up revealing a weathered screen with a notification about the meeting. Her heart clamors in her chest. The meeting was canceled. A sense of relief settled in her stomach. She exhaled joyfully. There was more time to replace that dress.

The open closet doors beckoned a solution on how to remove the dress. She stepped towards the dress. Its barbie pink accents even brighter compared to the rest of her pastel closet. She swooped up her box knife. She smiled as she slashed at the cotton deception. She yanked the blade through the pink stitching. Laughter bubbled in her chest, and her pink painted toes curled in excitement. Her wrist flicked up and down slicing away at the stitching. Pieces of the dress drifted down to her hardwood floors. Collecting into a pile of cotton and pink remnants. She laughed and laughed. The pile of fabric building as the dress dangled from its trembling hanger. Now she had a reason to get another dress.

Art by: @steven.mendez44 on Instagram

Art by: @steven.mendez44 on Instagram

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