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Siblings in a Blackout

Sunday evening at home and all the kids are gathered watching Lord of the Rings. The rain is falling, and winds rustle the house. Alexia looks at the popcorn sitting in a geode styled bowl, wondering about making dinner for her siblings.

Their mom wasn't home yet, but she was worried that she might get home a little too late to make food. Alexia checks her phone, and one of her siblings looks up curious. “Is mommy on her way?”. Alexia clenches her jaw, unsure of how to answer. Did she answer honestly? Her other siblings gaze at her too, now waiting for her answer.

“Uh, yes I’m sure she’ll be home any moment” She answered. Her brother frowned.

“That sounded as bad as Gollums lies,” Alexander said. Her siblings laugh, and Alexia chuckled nervously. She forgot how perceptive her siblings were. The movie continued to play in the background, and the popcorn was finished. Alexia thought, maybe she should make dinner. She stood up walking towards the kitchen when suddenly a resounding “whizz” noise happened and everything shut down. The whole house was pitch black. “Alexia” Alexander called. She turned to turn on her phone to light up the room.

“It’s fine guys, just a power outage its probably because of the storm it’ll be back on shortly” She reassured her siblings.

“What about mommy,” Alana asked. The light of her phone spilled over their faces. Each worried.

“She’ll be home soon,” Alexia said, promising herself that thing would be fine and hoping that her siblings wouldn’t worry. The question was, what was she supposed to do. Her siblings sat around murmuring to each other. The question was what was she supposed to do. All the kids and she had was popcorn, and now the room was starting to get warm. They couldn’t sit in the dark like this. She also realized she was wasting her phone battery lighting up the room. She stood up and went to look for their stock of candles. She heard one of her siblings following after her into the kitchen.

“Don’t open the fridge!” She said a little harsher than she intended.

“Aw, why?” She heard Alicia grown out. “Because… Mommy said it keeps stuff cold and we don’t know when it’ll be back on. Grab a water or snack from the pantry” Alexia directed. Her sister huffed but did as she asked. Sweat was building upon her forehead. The rooms were a lot hotter without the AC running and the fans on. She looked underneath the cabinet. The scents of cleaning chemicals and plastic overwhelming her nose. She reached towards the back to grab the box of candles.

“ALEXIA” Someone yells. Startled she dropped the box looking up. “No need to yell what's up?” She inquired, recatching her breath. Alexander shoved his glowing phone in her face, and she read the message from her mom. It said “Stores closed early, trees knocked down on roads, going to wait out the storm at work be safe” Alexia gulped. Now she had a real reason to worry. The house was heating up and she hadn’t made food and wasn’t sure about using their gas stove. She grabbed the box of candles and started setting them up. The wax felt slick in her hands. The oily scent making her sneeze. She stopped, realizing they had no matches. “Guys how about we move upstairs we can wait in mommy’s room for her to get back?” Alexia announced. Her siblings walked upstairs, and she followed behind them. It’ll be fine she thought. They could wait out the power outage, and wait for their mom to get home. She clutched her phone closer, noting it was already down to fifty percent. This was about to be a long night.