A Kawaii Memoir



Welcome to my Short Stories! Part of my creative writing lies in writing Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Romance, Drama and Realistic Fiction. However the Jewel of my heart is my Web Series, “The Rest of Forever”. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so! Otherwise enjoy some light fiction written by me. If you wish to read poetry and prose click below!

Pink Witch Society: A Poisoned Rose

Rosalinda dabbled in a variety of magical practices. She considered herself an academic with fashionable presentations. Her pink hair and her classy way of dressing made her desirable as a witch to lookup to. She was a top-tier witch at Chi Academy, and she expected that she would remain that way. Today. That ranking was challenged by a new girl. A witch, with a flair for wearing all black and light magic. How could the new girl outdo her in light magic? She was the best at light magic, and she represented it well. So to get second place in flower magic, in general through her for-a loop. 

It was why at this current time, she sat on bed of pillows looking at the waning moonlight plotting a way to regain her status as the best light magic using Witch. Rosalinda took out her grimoire and flipped through her notes on spells. Her family, notably was famous for magic using flowers and light. Theoretically Rosalinda felt she should be able to bespell a flower and take down her academic rival. She smiled as she found a spell that fit her needs. All she needed to do was adjust one ingredient to a poison. 

Placing her Grimoire back in its silk pouch, she started to gather what she needed. A thermos to hold the tea, rose petals, mint, and honey. All that was left was poison. She didn't know what to pick. Dark magic spells weren't her forte, but she didn't want to not injure her rival. She looked at Belladonna, and Nerium Oleander. Thinking to herself, how long she wanted this to last and she smiled to herself. A good witch does permanent magic. She flipped her pink hair to the side and added in the pink petals of Nerium Oleander. 

What a beautiful mix, she thought. Rose tea, with a dash of poisonous aesthetic.