Leo Insights: Recent Netflix Original Binges

The Hollow:

Ah okay, quick summary, a show about kids who woke up in a weird place and try to go home. Turns out getting home isn't as easy as it seems. The world they are in has mystery, danger, and unrealized potential. 

My Insights: For a kids show, I was a little too engaged and invested in finishing this 10 episode series at the ripe age of 23. Worse, I was so invested I had my boyfriend binge the show later that day. Personally, I hope Netflix has a second season I have questions that need answers. The concept, the weirdness of it all, and the dorky characters are a delightful show for all ages. What was not cool, was the freaky spider people. Outside of that, this show gets five Leo stars. 

Lost In Space: 

If you ever watched the movie, or the original seeing Lost In Space on Netflix was extremely hype. The anticipation for a great science fiction show is high. A family traveling in the future gets lost in space, with all the quirkiness and kinks of a family surviving in unusual circumstances with adventure around every corner. 


My Insights: I've never been more disappointed. First, the family dynamic and interactions are boring, and less family like than intended. How is a family of five going to be that boring? I was more invested in the side characters that I was in the family. The graphics and scenes in the show are amazing. Visually the show doesn't disappoint for all ten episodes. Still, the characters versus the story never really captured my attention well enough. Going through the show felt more like a muscle work out. There was a vital aspect of the family interactions with their situation that left me as a viewer empty. Why did we need the drama of the wife and husband to supersede the needs of the children throughout the entire season? Family drama means it must encompass the entire family, and that focus solely on the wife and husbands issue ruined the family aspect of the show. The show gets 2 Leo stars. 

The New Legend of Monkey: 

In a fictional world, demons have overrun the world. It's up to a monk, two warrior gods, and a Monkey god to save the world. Through adventure, martial arts, magic, and disguises this dynamic group sets out to Jade Mountain on the hunt for the lost scrolls. 

My Insights: 10 episodes of what. I expected more people of color in a world inspired by Asian cultures and religions. Well as a teacher once said, to assume things makes an ass out of you and me. Its a little hard to believe that in a world like that the majority of the cast was white? Unless perhaps the message was white people are demons? Regardless, the presentation of the story was off-putting. The humor, force-fed and under a golden crown. There was potential here for a good wholesome story, but once more a Netflix shows that probably should have prioritized diversity alongside their storytelling lost its value. I described the show as cultural approbation with Netflix money. This show received one Leo star. 

A.I.C.O Incarnation: 

What happens after a disaster hits your city, and you find out you're entire existence isn't real. The world changes, you have a mission that threatens the reality of the world you live in. This animated series is a whirlwind of feelings and regrets. 

My Insights: What a whirlwind. I loved this anime, I didn't know what to expect, and honestly, that's for the best. The best part of watching anything is to be surprised and invest in a new story. The main character has to battle her reality while saving many. While the story progresses you are really left with wondering what defines "self" and what defines "human". The limits of science versus maintaining human life, are one of many arguments a viewer will have experiencing this anime. If you watch it dear reader chat about it with me, please. I rate this 4 Leo stars. 

The Rain: 

Somewhere in Sweden, scientists poisoned the rain with a deadly virus that kills humans on contact. A daughter and son, seek their father in a disease-ridden quarantined area, running from the wildness of a world they hid from for a long time. Will they ever reunite with their father, or will the rain get them? 

My Insights: What a mess. Okay, to explain this story I feel like I needed more of everything. There was characterization that was needed but was overwritten by unnecessary romance and sex. In the apocalyptic narrative, I personally feel that the female character who uses sex to survive is poor writing and honestly lackluster for female representation. Writing can be better for women surviving extreme circumstances. Even the bond between siblings fell short, due to the characterization of the sister. It wasn't an enjoyable watch, and honestly, I need Netflix to hire diverse writers. Fun fact, don't watch dubbed. This show receives 2 Leo stars. 

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