Leo Insights: Podcast Polling

Did I ever tell you about my love of podcasts? No? Well.. let me tell you about some of my recent podcast binges that I recommend for those long commutes, or day job hours. When I think about podcasts I like to see them as personalized radio shows or a fun conversation you chose to listen in on. It can be interactive, informative, and fun. Perhaps, I enjoy podcasts because I co-host one. Ambiguous Anthology just celebrated its 50th episode anniversary and we had fun rolling through nostalgia and our witty Quips. It was a good way to celebrate having 50 episodes of friendship and roasts. 

Therapy for Black Girls: 

First of all, I didn’t know I needed an actual relationship with a therapist so damn badly till I started listening. This podcast is so damn empowering it pushes you to be on track to greatness! I love how this podcast seamlessly weaves together mental health, pop culture, and self-empowerment for black women in all stages of life. There are so many episodes I would love just to list out the episodes that inspired me to explore the topic further and work on it in my personal life. Dr. Joy is honestly encouraging in the field of psychology and mental health/wellness. She reminded me of my own love of ensuring there are brave spaces and chances for black women to explore mental health. I highly recommend this podcast as an accompaniment to your life. This podcast certainly made my life have more meaning.

O-Kei Podcast:

I’m in love with the J-fashion and alternative fashion communities. I’m also mad excited for this podcast that I became one of the patreon subscribers to get that exclusive after show and bonus content! Hayden and Kamilah really break down topics, styles, community issues, and share some fantastic indie brands to check out. The interviews have introduced me to artists, bloggers, and shops that I have really enjoyed. On top of all that fashionable goodness, I love just learning and having fun listening to people talk about fashion I really enjoy. Its ground breaking as a podcast and inspires my own kawaii journalism.

Mutant and Magical Boy:

The afroqueer guide to pop culture, and all things geeky. This podcast is fun for those wanting to hear discussions and analysis on some geeky cinema. One of my favorite segments of the show takes characters and re-imagines them in a different fictional universe. Something that reminded me of some fun my family has. I enjoy the dynamic between the hosts of the show, and of course, my leo brother stays making me laugh. I love the back and forth, and all things geeky and queer. It’s a space I think more people should experience.

Have a Podcast to recommend?

Send your podcast recommendations my way! I don’t personally care for the serial killer, mystery, or story podcasts oddly enough cause I do interact with those themes elsewhere. However, I do like discussions, voices of color, and well fun things to enjoy while I make the bread at work. Podcasts are great to listen while working, on the toilet, doing academic work, and while creating because it doesn’t require visual attention. Its also a nice to enjoy a conversation, if you don’t get to socialize as frequently. So if you haven’t started listening to a podcast give it a go. It’s more enjoyable than you think.