Leo Insights: A Quiet Place

When you watch A Quiet Place, the whole theater is quiet. It's a unique experience to exist in silence with total strangers all willing to contribute to the genuine fright of this movie. So what makes a scary movie effective? Some argue its the jump scares, while others say the gore. There's some visual, audio, and all around ambiance that induces a frightening thrill. Now, let's say you have not watched the movie, rest assured this post is spoiler free. 

Now it's been some time since I personally have watched a scary movie that really left me some type of way. Sure we have movies that conceptually have been alright. We can argue what defines a scary movie later. However, when it comes to the root of the story Hollywood movies have been lacking in the genre of horror. For the past few years, nothing has been truly engaging. Most movies have been a passing whim and not worth watching twice. Unlike its predecessors, this movie is worth seeing twice. 

A Quiet Place isn't scary in a conventional way. While it's not lacking in jump scares, frightening images, and blood what makes this movie so effective is its story. Viewers like myself might find that the movie isn't scary, but instead, find they become scared for the family in the story. The narrative and timeline of events tell a story more profound than a cursed doll. As a viewer you connect with the family, you feel their loss, their agony, and the stress of their world. One blessing of this experience is how willing viewers are to be quiet alongside the story. It's humorous to experience everyone doing their best to be quiet. When I watched the movie a second time with my family, we all agreed there's no surviving the world of the movie. 

The concept of the movie is engaging and brilliantly told. Despite the lack of people of color, I could appreciate that there were representation and advocacy for the Deaf Community. I was pleased my local theatre provided showings of the movie with closed captioning. If you haven't seen the interview with Millicent Simmonds, the actress who portrays the daughter in the film please do! You can appreciate the movie in a new way. 



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