Leo Insights A Millennial with New Time


I'm not one to get swept up in nostalgia, but for a moment today, I think I will. I miss the easy toddling lifestyle of my youth where I didn't worry about much of anything but first kisses, and how to sneak romance novels into class. I was certainly a hopeless romantic but then I grew up and had to keep track of every little thing. It's a constant stream of questioning if I have enough time to navigate life, follow my dreams, all while trying to trust myself to succeed. It doesn't help that while, trying to manage my time better i am sucked up into the world in my phone while checking for time. I felt like the rabbit from Alice and wonderland, but without the ears and time piece to accompany my jittery attempts of navigating my world. 


So few weeks ago, I tried something new and perhaps a little vintage. I have been keeping time with a luxury timepiece by Jord Watches. At first I was unsure about taking the analog time route, as a millennial I’m constantly on my phone and keep track that way. The ease of access makes sense, but what I didn’t anticipate was how frequently I lose focus while checking the time on my phone. The Jord timepiece surprised me. I found I loved taking a moment to look at the elegant quality of the wood and watch the hands move as I checked the time. It gave me a moment to breathe and refocus my energy. It’s a simple action. Checking your watch for time, stops there. In contrast keeping track on my phone will drag me to Facebook, Instagram, and twitter as I glance at notifications hovering under the time.

I’m moving, I’m learning, and I’m creating but this watch lets me stop for just a moment and appreciate the gentle yet vintage aspect of checking the time. Luxury timepieces didn’t feel like an accessible option to consider but in my line of work, and activity it’s a venture I’m exploring eagerly. 


Curious World of Jord Watches: 

When I first opened the box, I experienced a wood aroma. This sensory overload swept me into memories of romance, and woodwork. It’s a startling sensory based memory to have while opening a box with a watch, but one that delighted me. The watch itself fit my wrist perfectly. I loved the snug hold it had on my wrist, along with the dark tone of the wood gleaming at every moment it caught the light. I thought that the watch potentially would give splinters, but surprisingly it did not! The watch doesn’t snag or hurt to wear, and the warmth of the wood is a nice change of pace from the cold sting of metal watches. Its classy, friendly, and charming to wear as a time piece. Oddly enough because of the wooden composition, I feel the time piece while elegant, isn’t as grandiose as most watches, making it an approachable addition to have for someone of my economic bracket and status. JORD watches surprised me with a watch that suited my down to earth debt-ridden needs all in a singular time piece.

I still believe that luxury timepieces are expensive but I do think that the experience of a timepiece is worth one good investment. Tell me about your feelings and memories of timepieces!