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The Rest of Forever

Silver; poisonous to the touch…

A God trapped by a royal family…

Immortals crafting a magical conspiracy…

Dark days dominate the Stemin Kingdom…A plague rages across the capitol, and as life mysteriously drains from the land, a girl called Ambrose is tasked with following an unexpected path far from the poorer quarters she’s called home. Together with her dear friend Axel, she must journey forth across a perilous land to learn of wild magic, and confront the secret enemy spurring the end of days…

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Origin Story:

What began as a National Novel Writing Month Journey in 2017, and a story i shared with my siblings and a few friends on Wattpad finally hit the spotlight in my life. I share Ambrose, Axel, and Theo my charming but challenging characters as they fight against a corrupt regency, placate gods, and learn the true heritage of magic and silver. Inspired by an idea from biblical texts, mineralogy, and gemology this fantasy series came to life. Don't miss out as I work alongside my best friend who edits my chapters and inspiring artist Middnite Designs. I've got a fantasy world you will not want to miss.

Featured Artist: Middnite Designs


Featured Editor: Melanie

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Mapmaker: Sarah Macklin

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Posts tagged Magic
The Rest of Forever: Chapter 8

Axel and Ambrose finally meet in the Kings Forest, but what news does Axel have for Ambrose regarding her mother. The first peek into the Bloodhaven Journal reveals that the world is flawed and magic exists.

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The Rest of Forever: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Whatever happened with Axel when he was captured by the Knights for disrespecting the King? What goes on in the castle? What is the Silver Sickness doing? All these answers and more in Chapter 7 of The Rest of Forever.

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The Rest of Forever: Chapter 4

Blocked off by high walls, the King’s Forest was a place where Wild Magic from a time before Stemin lived. Within the dense forest flourished a power that the royal family could not control, although they had tried. Only the Vine family and the royal family knew of what truly made the forest a home to Wild Magic. No one dared enter into the daunting region. Everyone who knew of the forest was afraid of what lived there but something dangerously powerful from within the forest stumbled out every night.  

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