A Kawaii Memoir

Rest of Forever

Silver; poisonous to the touch…

A God trapped by a royal family…

Immortals crafting a magical conspiracy…

Dark days dominate the Stemin Kingdom…

A plague rages across the capitol, and as life mysteriously drains from the land, a girl called Ambrose is tasked with following an unexpected path far from the poorer quarters she’s called home. Together with her dear friend Axel, she must journey forth across a perilous land to learn of wild magic, and confront the secret enemy spurring the end of days…

Character Profile: Ambrose Donovan

Full Name: Ambrose Donovan

Age: 22


  • Sun: Leo

  • Rising: Pisces

  • Moon: Libra

Occupation: Kitchen Staff

Situation: How does this character enter your story?

She is emotionally intuitive and driven, her mother's death motivates her to seek out answers. She secretly doesn't believe her father is still alive. Her best friend and loyal companion is her oldest friend. She has a hard time making other friends outside of him and Theo because of the emotional weight she takes on. She keeps her head down about the situation in Stemin, and this is her first time being asked to fight for a cause, and she's unsure if she is as strong as her mother or has the will to fight.

Motivation: What does this character want?

To know her true self


  • Height: 5'2

  • Body type/build: Slim with curves

  • Skin tone: Brown

  • Hair (style & color): Black, Curly, Thick

  • Eyes: Silver

  • Facial description: General feminine face, so round or soft.

  • Prominent features or distinguishing marks: Scar on her back and ankle 

  • Style of dress: Casual

  • Mannerisms or gestures: Frowns, worry, Brows furrow when she thinks of something smart


  • Tone of voice: Quiet

  • Language or accent: General English

  • Favorite phrases: “Is there any truth to this"


  • Personality: Quiet, Cunning, and Emotive

  • Habits: Stares, and Spaces out 

  • Ambition: None

  • Greatest fear: To be Alone, and Fail her Mother

  • Biggest secret: She doesn't believe her father is alive

  • How does this character get along with other characters?": Genuine to others but she withholds trust which makes her seem distant


  • Interests or hobbies: Favorite past time, is writing

  • Important past events: The day she met Axel

  • Family: Mother, and Axel

  • Current home: Unhoused

  • Finances: Absent

  • Occupation: Kitchen Staff 

  • Education: General Education of Stemin

  • Health: Excellent

  • Religion: Believes in the Old Gods

  • Interests or hobbies: Enjoys self reflection and writing, and games