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Winter Love (2017)

Written 04/03/17

Love used to be spring, now I see it as winter.

Love was wrong and frozen in a twisted 

way and I for the life of me 

couldn't escape it's storm. 

It hurt so badly 

it felt like I died in it. 

My soul was stuck in its crippling grips

 spring was never coming. 

It would never come again. 


I was stuck in a sick form of love

 and it was winter. 

I was covered in snow, 

in a blanket of icy words and emotional games. With those harsh winds reminding me I wouldn't get any better than this. 

I didn't deserve spring. 

This was love, and I smiled in it. 

I built a ice home and made angels in a cruel white world. 

My hands were numb 

my smiles frozen

 but it's okay it's love. 

A cold cruel love. 


Why do they do it? 

Say I love you but don't mean it the way it was written about. 

They say it to hold you in place and hide the bad words they said earlier. 

Hide the lies and games behind snow crystals.

See this Love

is a winter storm

blanketing whatever sanity and strength you have

back into the recess of your mind 

and you're stuck.

Stuck in that place 

because you can't come out, 

until all of winter is gone. 


The problem is, they told you winter 

would never end and it's your wonderland. 

So smile and sing,

as you sit in the snow, 

loving the pain they said you deserved.