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Untitled (2017)

Written 11/05/17

If I could live like a dream catcher, filtering out the bad of the world I would. 

I would leave with pretty memories, and a beautiful story. 

My words would wrap around like hug, in times where a loving soul was needed. 

My voice could be a balm, a soothing presence in your dark hours. 

If my heart would be your cure, I would gladly give it. 

If my hands could protect you, I would gladly do it. 

In a place so bad, I wish I was a dream catcher. I wish I was the stars, and I wish I was a beautiful gem. Anything at all to be a joyous voice, in a bleak moment. To remind you at all times, why you mattered so much. Why you are appreciated, why you are worthy of love, why your dreams can be a reality. You inspire many, you make a difference, you are a spark in winter. 

You are not to blame, never at all. Let me remind you to stand tall. Your soul, is something to behold and admire. No matter how dark and dire, know that you are loved. Know that this voice you hear loves, and would be your dream catcher.