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The Way Your Body Bends

Written 02/03/17

When we met I didn't know, know you saw me as a goddess. You viewed me far better and beyond the ugliness of the scars in my mind. The corrupting memories that I thought made my body ugly. You told me I was divine, that i was beyond your vocabulary to describe but you tried anyway. 

In our intimate moments, we cherished one another, hiding our perceived imperfections even though we saw one another as beautiful. I feared that you would see the ugly experiences on my body. Fearing that you would condemn my body as useless. Tell me my body and everything I am was less than your desires.

How wrong my mind comprehended desire cause come our date of cheesesteaks and teriyaki we sat together and I asked.  I asked what about me you found attractive, anticipating that you would tell me what you didn't like. You answered with a smile, the way my body bends. 

I laughed, as i understood the way an artist like you would view me, to see me move and exist and love me more. I held your hand and watched that smile reach your eyes as it remembered how my body bends.