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The Practiced Woman (2016)

Written 12/16/16

You hear that? That's the sound of my patience slipping out from my worn hands. 

You see me scatter my empathy like seeds in

a meadow of Black-eyed Susan's. Let me tell you I'm out of seeds right now,

i'm all flowered out. 

No don't leave and listen close

this is a primitive moment and you will hear me speak.

Bare witness for I am as I always will be. 

I am more than Athena, the huntress who's strength isn't from man.

I carry the weight of my success like a trophy in moonlight. 

And oh how it glistens

I am not the muse for poets to hearken upon when needed

I am the dawn and twilight and you will listen. 

Let it be known I take no half measures. I carry life and wisdom,

For here in my blood is the pathway to societies rise

I am the mind that fosters the generation to come. 

I am Voice that lingers in the mists of doubt.

I am the hands that break glass set upon me. 

I am the legs that hold fast against the tides of injustice.

I am the eyes that see the suffering of many and heal with a blossoming heart.

Who am I, you ask like a mimic to humanity.

 "Are you listening" I answer. 

I've told you who I am and who I will always be.

I am the freedom between thighs, and the song past burgundy lips.

I'm the whiskey dancing on rocks and still you ask who I am as if you cannot fathom the greatness within my body.

I am a woman, a practiced woman. 

Genderless love flows from my soul

As nights of physical unity are my own

I am a woman whose patience you've tested with your doubt and silly half planned compliments. 

I am what I will always be... the success of empires and kingdoms and nations to come.

You ask who i am, but stop and think.

Why would you question a woman who has her shit together when you don't. 

So listen close and I'll tell you again. I am a practiced woman.

I have been her for many years and believe me, more will come.

I am a timeless piece in this universe of mortality. 

So listen once more. 

I am as primal and modern as can be. 

I am whoever I want to be.

My body, my mind, my spirit, will never be yours.

They are all mine.  

I am a woman.

So learn to like it, respect it, and move on.