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Tarnished Scene of a Queen (2017)

Written 08/21/17

Lights, camera, action! 

It’s a competition

to see who out loved the other, 

a game of codependency 

we sometimes play 

All to heal in a twisted way

Might try on a new look 

Craft a new identity

Find pleasures in infidelity

Deep down it’s the same 

A little greed for digital fame

We test these waters 

as if we stay gold

When all we are 

is silver gone old

Tarnished under the pretense 

of imagined relevancy

The real challenge is not to cower

when in power

At the face of adversity

This is our city, 

this is our scene,

There comes a time when a queen

Crumbles at the roots of her spleen

There comes a time when the royal regime

Is no longer the place to be seen