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In kindness I lost

Cover Art: @steven.mendez44 on Instagram

Written 09/10/18

In kindness I lack delicacy

instead favoring aggressiveness

to address the wrongs within my midst

In kindness I found patience

to understand that which hurt

the world and inspired empathy

In kindness there were melodies

of broken wings, unloved children

and lost communities

In kindness I was lost

to the wisdom of grandmothers

whose time survived hatred undercover

In kindness i fought

to advocate in justice,

equality, and truths.

In kindness I am desperate to understand

of whom to soothe

As I learn the realty of my truth

Thank you for reading one of my poem/prose pieces. I hope to perform more of these online and at events, but for now if you’re interested in reading more original work please check out my website Jadedisland. I host poetry, short stories, and community excerpts there. My writing can be found on Medium and in the co-produced Anthology “Atrocious Cranberries”. Likes, shares, and comments appreciated.

Art by  @steven.mendez44 on Instagram

Art by @steven.mendez44 on Instagram

Mixtape Friendship

Written 05/10/18

Doll it out, advertise it, market the kindness in every track. Sell it like an addiction, but disguise it as a trend. 

I'm kind, I love your outfits, we are the best of friends. I'll take care of you until the end, we are ride or die. 


Track one, completed the introduction and the lure of an intimacy in a friendly relationship seduction. 

Track two, the first memory, at last, a memory to last lifetimes. 

Track three, the first slip up, why did they do this to me?

Track four, forgiveness cause it'll be fine.

Track five, memories to hold you in place. 

Track six, fuck. 

Track seven, messed up again, more slip up...begging for forgiveness. 

Track eight, the whispers to other people. The rumors and fake smiles

Track nine, they stop listening but were you ever listened to?

Track Ten, times up, they are gone. 


Bonus Track you're left wondering where you went wrong, as the memories flood in with the orchestra serenading one last diss track. 


Welcome to the toxic friendship mixtape. 

- MC Empress Jade

Softest Silence

Written 01/20/17

Whiteness is the presence that believes and benefits in privilege

A violent concept, crafted on the bodies of many

This privilege to exist without worry

nor punishment from social jury

To live in peace

To exist in peace

Does it come as a surprise that there is silence in whiteness?

It shouldn't. When the world gives you room to be, 

why would you fight for things outside of your comfort?


There is no reason to, this drug of whiteness is the high of power.

to conceive a world where there isn't whiteness at the pinnacle of all things is nonsensical.


So what silence is the softest? It is whiteness in times that challenge their way of the world.