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The Invisible Climax

I think I’m in a lot pain yet having no gain

Reaching towards the invisible climax

Only to realize it’s the illusion of what my life is

This is the reality they call corporate biz

I hate it ya know, walking on tip toes

Thinking if I’m careful I’ll be in the know

Despite the fact I’m struggling

Fabulously failing,

Dedicated dying

On an invisible climax I call success

Mixtape Friendship

Written 05/10/18

Doll it out, advertise it, market the kindness in every track. Sell it like an addiction, but disguise it as a trend. 

I'm kind, I love your outfits, we are the best of friends. I'll take care of you until the end, we are ride or die. 


Track one, completed the introduction and the lure of an intimacy in a friendly relationship seduction. 

Track two, the first memory, at last, a memory to last lifetimes. 

Track three, the first slip up, why did they do this to me?

Track four, forgiveness cause it'll be fine.

Track five, memories to hold you in place. 

Track six, fuck. 

Track seven, messed up again, more slip up...begging for forgiveness. 

Track eight, the whispers to other people. The rumors and fake smiles

Track nine, they stop listening but were you ever listened to?

Track Ten, times up, they are gone. 


Bonus Track you're left wondering where you went wrong, as the memories flood in with the orchestra serenading one last diss track. 


Welcome to the toxic friendship mixtape. 

- MC Empress Jade

Loving Whiskey Ice

Written 05/10/18

Drank whiskey to live with a smile

Despite the fact come morning,

My problems lined up to fill a mile

There was something at the end of each glass, that reminded me I still existed

That all my choices weren’t to just pass

Each drop of golden bitterness

A moment to push me to the edge, 

From virgin to succubus kisses

The ice clings to stirrings in my heart, 

A warm blush of social boldness rushes in me, but I finally feel joy off the chart

They say it’s bad to seek freedom in whiskey

Makes the soul addicted while the liver weeps, all I’m trying to do is experience a life where my sorrow isn’t that deep. 


- Empress Jade 

Five Star Social Justice

Written 05/07/18

Woke, but not woke enough.
It’s tough on the high ground but doesn’t matter when no one is around. 
Callout culture, but not your favorites. Put Shame on the unaware cause information is out there. 
If it’s problematic I'm sure I do the same but focus on them not me. Only when the anger of it fades do I seek another to distract the audience from the problems of myself.  
Let me post about it, shit on the fans for not having enough information or not viewing everything critically. Shitpost
Scream out “Support the artists”, but meanwhile too broke to do so... it costs too much. 
I’m a call for action, where everyone sees. When I hear that call I’m nowhere near or seen. 
What a world we live in to choose between presentation & activism, 
Critique & understanding,
Humanity & applause,
So much to fight for, but we are too busy fighting each other on subjects so small in the scheme of things. 
I don’t want to be a person who can’t separate being critical and being human. 

- Empress Jade