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Primal Woman (2016)

Written 12/03/16

Primal woman your ebony skin inspires

from the gold on your wrists to red desires

flushed on your queued lips lingers taste

for life. blessed are the curves not a waste

on a body we will never shackle and wife

for you goddess are so divine and vital 

to the facets of pubescent dreams in title

the core of weaponized sexual ability

to seduce the man to bow to your whims

and weaken his resolve to stay fertility

for another night in barbaric sexual brawls

that in the light of a new day dim

see him kneel, see him beg and crawl

what have you done primal woman

that you lead those astray from ringed

fingers and create the idolized totem

of buxom breast and unrestrained lusts

destroying the sanctity of court trusts

No More (2017)

Written 09/04/17

Today I stopped waiting,

Cause social media is a lie

It’s a facade I partake in

Despite the troubles inside

No matter what monsters I hide

Or fickle displays of pride

I thought you should know, I tried


I waited in secret, I waited in sorrow

For a dream that has no tomorrow

I waited on love, and friendship

Despite those who said to let go

But I held on, like a child at a fair

Bespelled by all the noise and lights

Yet clinging to those i hold dear


I tried.

I waited.

I prayed.

For too long I stayed.


yesterday is over,

And life’s pushing on

The trail of memories

Has come to a swift end,

There’s no path around the corner

Where we walk together

It’s diverging commute

And we have split ways

Here I see a train

Imploded on one end,

Coming around the bend...


It’s scary I agree,

This life without me

Like I said, I waited

And time is up, it’s on to the next

With this weary journey

Continuing on till the very

Last stop when others 

Are in mourning

And heaven is the next journey. 

Explain Once More (2017)

Written 08/22/17

Exaggeration is a dream, 

Of words you imagined and unseen

A voiced idea in the extreme

Provided with a timely scene


Surely a Freudian world is clean

When a liars creativity is keen

To show you a story off routine

It’s merely a staged obscene


The rhetoric of the libertine

Is a story of truth and between

With tales of sin and gene

A corrupted idea foreseen 


When does it end you may ask

The answer is certainly not my task

Tarnished Scene of a Queen (2017)

Written 08/21/17

Lights, camera, action! 

It’s a competition

to see who out loved the other, 

a game of codependency 

we sometimes play 

All to heal in a twisted way

Might try on a new look 

Craft a new identity

Find pleasures in infidelity

Deep down it’s the same 

A little greed for digital fame

We test these waters 

as if we stay gold

When all we are 

is silver gone old

Tarnished under the pretense 

of imagined relevancy

The real challenge is not to cower

when in power

At the face of adversity

This is our city, 

this is our scene,

There comes a time when a queen

Crumbles at the roots of her spleen

There comes a time when the royal regime

Is no longer the place to be seen