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We see Ourselves in Shadows

WRITTEN: 04/03/18

Why is it that we see ourselves in shadows? A version of our existence that extends itself before us. It's not just light, and tricks that follow us, but the memory of our presence in this time and place. It is the reminder that here in this moment you are living, and no matter what shadows encase us we exist.

So we see ourselves in our shadows, whether it is the moment we step outside or in the space where we stand. We see ourselves when we sit and when we grieve. We see ourselves among others and alone. No matter where we are, our shadows are there, an afterthought to the time and space we choose to exist in.

A reminder of the life we lead. An afterimage to the existence of the person we were meant to be.


~ Jade

Like Tired Roses

 Written 02/26/18 

I am tired. All my roses have died, but I remember their petals and essence along my body. I remember the color like I remember their memories. The sensation of their heat on my worn hands lingers over my violin strings. The glass that held cupid's love, is filled with lukewarm attentions and murky messages. So you see,I am tired of love that comes in the form of dying flowers. I cling to their form, seeking the eternal. I cling to their form lusting for the immortal.

How I miss these roses, those delicate petals, the ones that carcassed like fairies on my skin and danced like sin in my bathwater. While I desire the truth, for why my love in you inspires. I would much rather feel that you love yourself more than you love a woman like me. I’m that woman who smiles at flowers, and kisses the thorns away, bleeding in loyalty, treating that soul like royalty. I am the garden, I am your home, one day you’ll realize the tears that built this place were not created alone. The tears that built who I am, came from the memories of tired blood-red roses. 


- Jade 🌹 

Her Mirror (2017)

Written 12/13/17

When I gazed upon the earth, I became her mirror. She and I were one of majesty. Man carved across her flesh like a lover with violence and greed. His desire for land was cruel, a territorial possessiveness an experience Earth and I shared. 

I looked at her veins exposed and naked, I recalled the whispers against my scars and browned skin. The earth and I shared this experience.

We were beautiful with every crevice and fold, a landscape of stories to behold. The majesty of a weathered skin, a lifetime to experience every sin. This we shared, from every vein and scar across our flesh.

The earth and I became each others mirror. 

Pink Cadillac Margarita (2017)

Written 12/13/17

It's the zing of tequila that makes me remember those cherry kisses,

Whims led me to crave those wolfish eyes that even angels miss.

Along that sugar rim, I taste your stories, a delicate bowl of self and society,

Where even my love touched upon a lustful sobriety. 

Little lime to dance around and bring me to laughing mornings,

A delightful memory to bring my soul to the severest mourning.

I miss your mix in my bleak watered down days,

Still cluttered in the decaying ice is my lover and his Cadillac ways. 

A luxury my heart can't afford, yet my soul makes it an accord.