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The Invisible Climax

I think I’m in a lot pain yet having no gain

Reaching towards the invisible climax

Only to realize it’s the illusion of what my life is

This is the reality they call corporate biz

I hate it ya know, walking on tip toes

Thinking if I’m careful I’ll be in the know

Despite the fact I’m struggling

Fabulously failing,

Dedicated dying

On an invisible climax I call success

Lost Millennial Generation

We don’t know who we are anymore.

We were lost in the sea. No lost on land.

Just lost.

This is the cost we must pay, despite the fact we did not run up this tab. We were never here to destroy the world that we live in. Instead just born into the corrupt environment that they blame us for. This is why we are lost. What can we give of ourselves when we are too busy fixing the mistakes of those before us. How can we identify when the world cries. How can we prove our worth as a generation. We are healing the scars of generations but it is a slow journey. We are seeking the knowledge abandoned by the mighty white conquerors but much is lost. We are creating a place safer for the fluctuating definition of what life means to us, but it is met by cruelty. So yes we are lost, but not by our doing. We are trapped in the cycle of fixing and fixing. Taking what messes they that came before us made and making miracles. Reshaping the complexity and uniqueness of humanity. Voicing the history of those forgotten. Understanding each other better. We take care of you, we save you, we protect you. Still we are lost only guided by bitterness, fear, and judgement from the mess makers before us.

Still we are lost, the me among the rest of the Millennials. Lost fixing and being the best of ourselves under the weight of generations. ~ Jade 🌵

A Plot like This (2017)

Written 10/24/17

Examine life as a series, there are good characters and bad. Decent plot, juicy plot, and scandal to keep you on your toes. Simply put, what makes life interesting is the zany side characters, the cosmic scenery, the length of time a certain character stays... it’s all contributing to a big story. Your story. You are the director, the lead, and the writer... keep those in your life who do contribute to the plots that keep you motivated, wholesome and more. Sometimes good characters love a little scandal, just like the bad ones. 

Never stop being in motion, but take time to love yourself. Love like there is always a cliffhanger about to happen. Find joy in the people you meet, embrace sympathy & empathy because you never know who comes around for return episode. Treat yourself and smile at the little things that make your story an experience to remember. - 🌵💕