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Written 01/28/17

Lamenting words project across my skin

those actions, that history, foreign

to my ideas and my soul

makes my existence appear boring

It never crosses your mind, 

the advice you give is not hard to find

your actions are not equal to mine

yet you believe what you see is me

these ideas, these hopes, these plans

They are not mine

It is not me you see

Just you

your voices, your choices erasing the foundations of who I am

I am not your mistakes

I am not your actions

I am not your sorry story

you reduce me to a screen

an object to portray your emotions

and parrot your validations

like a broken record caught in your loops

and trigger-happy distortions

I bleed my truths, and you wrap me in the gauze of your plausibilities

tho I am a casualty of the inescapability of your miserable reality

Who I am, is erased at the whims of your comfort and need for pleasure

I am a screen

a place to hold your projections

no matter how obscene

at what cost will my voice be seen

to the eyes and ears of those pushing play

who wish to see only their story anyway

Not caring for the burning screen