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In our Garden of Eden (2017)

Written 03/31/17

Toxic creatures we meet bury in deep; seeds nestled in the soul

hidden in the garden of our transcendence, poisoning the soil

as they grow with bitterness, it is a vile stream of tainted words

flooding the paradise of our mentality. Corrupting our cords

though we bound ourselves in the net of goodwill and trust

These toxic seeds pollinate with a repugnant fertile dust

that spreads across the plains of emotional safety on wings

clinging to the golden fighting spirit, and the buzz sings

oh toxic seed of toxic nature, purge from our life in eden!

The sin of your soul begs for the once pure to be weakened

until the greed for corruption is satisfied when our soul dies.

Even after forgiveness when all is barren in my land I ask why?

Why did you find me acceptable and susceptible to this demise?

While waiting for answers from a waste land, a new voice will rise

A voice from a dry cracked soul seeking relief with any hydration

from anything that comes around to inspire the next infatuation