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I trusted your Silence (2017)

Written 08/25/17

If I waited all day would it make it better?

Would time stop, for my patience?

I wonder these days

In plenty of ways

Why my advocacy is aside

For this privilege of white pride

I am certain my voice

Is not less than yours,

I am certain my rights,

Are not political chores

I am certain equality,

Should not be barred at every door

While I sit at cusp of turmoil

Between the historical self,

The professional self, 

And then just myself

I question again who I am

Under the silence of the watchers

Who stand still through oppression

Whose voice is rendered mute in fear

While thousands lose those they hold dear

Still it’s expected that my advocacy

Remain on hold

Surely i can understand

and do as I’m told

The statues are heritage

This is true,

But the very nature of their monument

Is on the backs of slaves

They erupted out of violence 

And you expect me to be okay

When I walk by everyday

With the weight of second class

Citizenship, the erasure of rights

The erasure of me baring down


I refuse, get these ugly pieces of

American history out of town.

Leave it to the books,

Keep our history there so the

Future can learn,

Otherwise the world we praise

Will disappear into a hateful haze

I let your silence slip by once

And look what happened

To a country of freedom

Pushing for walls

And cultural falls

That silence you  keep

left America in a sin too deep