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Hey Gumball Girl (2017)

Written 05/08/17

Used to be a gumball girl

Set up in a patriarchal shop

On display and waiting like a wallflower

But oh gumball girls, a new piece, a prized sweet

Then a few stopped by for a view

Slipping in a 25 cent care

For a dinner or two, to get a taste

Of a sweet candyland 

The passion, the care, the friendship 

All there for you at one little price

It's nice

Slip it in

That rusted quarter

And chew on a little bit of flavor

That's all new 

So gumball girl as you're chewed and used

Some come back, want another taste

Thinking it's not a waste 

A little "hey" and a hint of 25 cent care 

And you're there

Popping a waterfall of sweets

Hoping they'll take home every treat

Poor gumball girl, so many flavors

So much value in a little candy

But you're giving them out to every dandy

Enrich yourself gumball girl, raise the price

That cheeky candy swirl

Is worth more than a few chews

And trashcan views

Gumball girl don't give them a piece of candyland

When their 25 cent doesn't buy them time to understand, what type of treasure you are 

Cause they are bland

Gumball girl stop taking these quarter type toys

To candyland

All because they choose to give you time

A little emotional land.