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Here on the Love Seat (2017)

Written 09/03/17

Surely if I sit here and you sit there,

Will we have a conversation?

Or possibly an observation?

The examination of our imagination.

Where chemistry is in one,

But not the other... 

It’s at this point I probably should say

how I feel about you today

In this moment my heart is yours

My soul is full and I feel colors  

This picture in my heart

This feeling I cherish, 

It’s left in the space between us

My hands reaching across only move

In my imagination. 

I look to you with this hope for more

With a whisper not from my lips

But from my eyes. 

You don’t see it though

A heart brighter than a rainbow

Reaching across a couch to connect

To a soul with a permanent disconnect

Despite it all, my feelings are there

Wondering when life is fair

And questioning when I’ll see

your heart feel anything for me.