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Fears of Never Waking (2016)

Written 12/01/16

The world sleeps around me, i lay back letting the silence speak.

My eyes close as I force my body to

listen to my minds begging insanity.

Eyes flutter open and gaze into the absence of light and life of my room. 

My mind is alive and active in the pursuit of my making my heart weak. 

In the dark I search for someone to stop the nightmare of humanity. 

It's a cold night but yet I sweat with horror of myself and it's dark gloom. 

I beg for a reprieve from my minds voices against everything I trust. 

Listening to my own thoughts I question the very idea of sleep.

Why should I close my eyes when I fear the chance of never waking. 

I doubted everything  and no longer sought comfort in worldly lust. 

Throughout the night I must survive against the words I thought cheap. 

Will I ever find peace in sleep when doubts have my soul shaking.