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Dear Dreamers (2017)

Written/Edited 03/21/17

Dreamers want ideas and inspiration, and a world of creativity and imagination.

Creators desire support from a bleak nation, however, it’s a political abomination. 

We ask for the steps to create dreamers, but the cost of war and violence prevails.

Why spend to send children to experience art when consumers desire holiday sales?

Speech is emoji's and new generations lose language graced with educational fluidity. 

Will the vivid fame and fortune of our culture show that our dreamers have validity?

Dreamers ignore societies gray temptations and avoid your creativities castration.

Fight for culture and passion so the duration of dreamers remains historical fixation.

Never succumb to words that make you lose motivation, and keep thoughts in motion.

In the end, what connects humans to one another, is the artist's steadfast devotion.