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Darling Lover of Mine

Written: 09/11/2018

Darling Lover of mine, how sweet your eyes are gazing towards mine. Did you wonder where that gaze comes from? I thought about it often questioning the connection of my soul to yours. I thought about kisses and stolen hugs and days where it was just you I miss. I remembered Hawaiian breezes and mountain peaks as a moment alone for us. In your gaze, I see all of the time together and all of the time yet to come. My eyes are charmed in your gaze as we settle into a colder season wondering how life will treat us. We wept, we grieved, we chuckled summers eve. As time crept around us the question of togetherness faded. We were initially an idea and now a loving reality. Do you remember when you first said you loved me? Do you remember why? So scared of those words I used to be, worried I would disrupt the path you were meant to be on. Now I'm afraid of a road away from mine, or a loss of life that my heart so intimately entwines. How bothersome it is to contemplate the complexity of your gaze but how joyous it is to turn around and see it love me for who I am so intimately 

Hawaii 2018

Hawaii 2018