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Cactus (2017)

Written 09/02/17

I enclosed my skin in thorns

Thinking my armor

As tough as a cactus

Still my ebony skin

Neither thick or thin

Bristled at your touches

And screamed to be alone

These thorns will save me

My protection from a sea

It’s only sand as far as my

Island can see

Where many grow

With seeds to throw

One thing to ask and know,

“Why does a desert cactus

Drown in a wintered sorrow?”

I’ll answer it then,

When I recall my memories sin

“It remembers yesterday’s fears

as a forever tomorrow”


question if it is me,  

A plant hurt in a season

With no physical reason

Wondering when to cry

So you see, 

The blackest thorns

That my skin adorns

Isn’t tough, 

or rough to others

It’s a wound 

for my mind

A pain that smothers

Sweet desert cactus, 

who’s life is satisfied

why hold a winter pride

- 🌵