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“What’s that sound” “Hey are you alright” 

“What’s wrong with you” “Miss do you need some help”

“Somone get the nurse” “Call her parents”

“Walk her to the nurses office” “call her parents”

“Walk her to the nurses office” “Can you make it by yourself”

“Can you stand” “all her breaths are shallow”

“shes wheezing” “she isn’t breathing”

“does she have an inhaler” “Help my daughter please”

“she’s only 7” “lord don’t take her please”

“Calm down ma’am” “My daughter is turning blue”

“ma’am we are taking her to the hospital” “call the ambulance”

“get some help in here!”   “lift her up!”

“where is the nebulizer?” “her throat is closing!”

“we need epinephrine” “Get the doctor!”

“hold her down!” “Miss we need you to calm down”

“Miss can you sit?” “We are on our way to the hospital you’ll be okay”

“another asthma attack”“do you know what day it is?”

“she’s never in class”“why aren’t you in gym”

“call her mother”“where is her father?”

“Does she have a history of asthma attacks”

“Can you breathe miss?” 

No but I can hear you