A Kawaii Memoir


The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

Yumekwanza Challenge

Yumekwanza created by Afro Kawaii Tattoo artist and DC Kawaii Style Founder and Leader Ipukekawaii is exactly the type of holiday activity worth talking about. I never got to celebrate Kwanza growing up, but I certainly was asked a lot if I did. I was curious about the holiday, and felt perhaps there would be something more meaningful in Kwanza than the capitalism overload of Christmas. Blessed to be subscribed and a member of the Yume create group on facebook I had the unique experience of sharing in the workbook activity with other artists. If you are looking for creative coaching I highly recommend it as a space for brand building, and working on your creative niche.

I didn’t get the time to follow along with Yumekwanza during the corresponding days of Kwanza, and well there is no excuse but poor time management. However, I made sure to take my workbook with me to NYC and set some time aside to create my goals for Jadedisland. You can actually see the results of my new year goals in a blog post I wrote on it! The portion of my goals for Jadedisland as a brand came to paper and mind while doing this workbook. I can finally understand what Imani means, when she talks about getting both sides of your brain to work! SO take a look at some of what I came up with during the Yumekwanza Challenge in December!