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Jadedisland: Authenticity

The scary thing about emotional growth and finally living true to yourself is the relief. I started opening up and sharing who I am, and I began exploring what is important to me and how I voice. I realized that being the gem I am, I do have facets. I have different sides that shine in their own way. In 2018 I began the journey of learning who I am, and in 2019 I am being who I am proudly

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Jadedisland: New Year New Clues

New Years in NYC, I spent some time recharging and coming up with my goals for this new year. Its January now, so I have time to see and develop these plans further. Reflecting on 2018, while I shared some of the positives of that year I still experienced a significant amount of negative. I thought about what I can work on better, and well this is what I came up with.

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