A Kawaii Memoir


The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

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Chapter 46: Small Reflection on Ended Friendships

Losing friends is just a part of the process. At least that’s what I’m told. There comes a time when boundaries are established that no longer can accept tolerance. The path you take requires leveled maturity, and in other cases, you just grow apart. In truth, when it comes to navigating life maintaining strong friendships has proven to be a challenge in my later adult years.

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Chapter 25: Making you a Priority

“Placing yourself over others is not always selfish. It's a part of self-care that is lasting and better for navigating community and social spaces. I forget to care for me all the time. Thus why I am here to remind you about placing yourself first so that the consequence of not doing that doesn't bite you later on.”

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Chapter 24: An Empath Who Grows

“If you ever experience a situation over and over again, congrats you’ve stepped into day one of empathy and socializing”

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