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The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

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Chapter 35: Burnout or Turnout

“I work under the assumption that I’m not good enough, and if I don’t do more, I won’t get anywhere in life. It’s a nagging feeling that I’m failing at where I am supposed to be in life. What does 24 on the cusp of 25 looks like for a Black Femme with an unused bachelors look like?”

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Jadedisland: New Year New Clues

New Years in NYC, I spent some time recharging and coming up with my goals for this new year. Its January now, so I have time to see and develop these plans further. Reflecting on 2018, while I shared some of the positives of that year I still experienced a significant amount of negative. I thought about what I can work on better, and well this is what I came up with.

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Jadedisland 2018 Review

The year is ending, and I thought I should ruminate on 2018 a little. For one, I’m proud of how far along Jadedisland has come as a platform. Its became a form of expression and voice that I really enjoy doing. I’m excited to grow alongside my writing in such a visual medium, I feel like Jadedisland the site, and blossoming brand is the marriage between voice and expression that was meant for me.

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Chapter 29: The Need to Give Up

Giving up is the feeling you begin to cherish when it feels like you're surrounded by walls and nothing is getting better

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