A Kawaii Memoir


The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

New Year New Clues


I said in my email to my subscribers, I would talk about my goals for the new year. Also thank you to all who subscribed because when I see you click open my emails it makes my whole day brighter with pink energy. I sparkle like a fresh cut gem against gold when people share my writing. All of this is to say you make my writing dazzle. I am working towards adding to your numbers and making this island bustle with your voices alongside my own. Anyway enough of that, after my New Years in NYC, I spent some time recharging and coming up with my goals for this new year. Its January now, so I have time to see and develop these plans further. Reflecting on 2018, while I shared some of the positives of that year I still experienced a significant amount of negative. I thought about what I can work on better, and well this is what I came up with.

Emotive goal: 

  • Be more comfortable speaking with others

Social goals:

  • Chat with someone once every week (phone Call, FaceTime and etc) 

  • Write to pen pals once a month

  • Volunteer more

Activism goals: 

  • Write more think pieces as a black femme 

  • Write for Wear Your Voice Mag 

  • Be proactive sharing meaningful Articles

  • Attend Advocacy Workshops

  • Support Art Community

  • Support Writers Community 


For Jadedisland my goals break down differently. Over the course of Kwanza, I had the chance to participate in YUME-Kwanza a creative challenge created by IpukeKawaii. As always Imani inspires me to be better as a creative and brand builder. So from this workbook I created a series of goals for my brand. You can take a look at my completed work book in the post I did on my experience.  


  • 200 Subscribers by August

  • 4 Creative collaborations a month

  • Advice Column on Jadedisland

  • More Artist Interviews

  • Develop Kawaii Journalism

  • Listen to the voices of those in need and unseen


  • Live Readings of "The Rest of Forever"

  • Commission more images from "The Rest of Forever"

  • Pursue Memoir writing with my facets

  • Bring my facets style to life

  • Re-purpose Brand image 


  • Build the narrative of Jadedisland the place

  • Explore my feelings over the sexual & social trauma experienced at my college and going forward

  • Define the importance of self-expression 

So the question is, are these goals possible in the year of 2019? I think so, and its what I want to work on over the year. I thought over what I want to do not only as a human being but what I want to explore within myself and see grow. Sure, some of the goals might seem a little silly, but its something I want to work towards and grow with overall. What are your goals for the New year? Its been two weeks into January so how have you started on them?