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The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

Mission: Sharing Seasoned Creativity

I'm gettng ready to spirit away to New York City and I felt like roasting a few folk before I do that. So, here I am dehydrated, and breathing a little funny as I roast people in how they show support. It feels like people think support is limited to a few various actions. When its something significantly bigger than that. It used to be that support was limited to physical capacity. Essentially support was about strength and physically being there. Now as we evolved the ways we can support do as well. A couple of weeks ago I made a post on Facebook saying, "Odd thing to notice with social media things, how afraid people are to share beautiful photos of people of color. Yes, the trashy videos are funny, or whatever but how you view people of color is represented in what you share and how you share. Over the past year or two, I realized that a part of the reason I never saw so many cosplayers of color is that people just don’t share it... thus why I share images of everyone. Sometimes it’s nice to see that we are beautiful to you too." 

I refuse to stop uplifting people of color in their creative endeavors. This can be seen in sharing work from models, cosplayers, artists, and writers. It's also seen in actively buying, watching, or reading through their creative content. The amount of work, vulnerability, and time it takes to produce creative content are underestimated too much. People are out here sharing their passion, their voices, and their muses with the world hoping to induce a feeling from you. This complex aspect of humanity sharing that we love with the world fascinates me. It is universal everywhere. The problem is, the people at the front of the communities with power, privilege, and stable financial backing think that support should only head in one direction. 

This is where movements like 28 days of cosplay, and the trending tag #BlackCosplayerHere come into play. These moments, along with many others circulating various creative communities are rising because let us be real, white people can't dictate what art is anymore. We aren't textbook anymore. It is time to evolve and let new narratives take a step in the spotlight. It is comfortable sharing what we know & what is safe for the public eye. Stop that. Share an artist you've never seen on your social media before. Read the writers work. Listen to music from local bands. Comment on the cosplayers art, let them know how amazing they look. Tell the artists you know how much you inspire them! 

Art is not white exclusive. Writers are not just male. Cosplay is done by everyone. It's 2018, we as a society need to understand that with all this diversity, all this culture, and all these voices telling the same white narrative is not helping anyone, not even them. Why else would movies with predominantly white casts be flopping in the box office? Its cause people of color are tired, we are bored of the same narrative. We want the stories of people far more vast and complex. The only problem is the predominant driving force of support across all these communities are white people. 

People at home scroll through millions of posts and share content. Is all of that creative content carrying the same Becky lifestyle? Are you really limited to sharing a few types of posts, or buying from the same ole John and Jane feeding you the same content in different shades of gray? Creative content is limitless once various voices start contributing to the universe. Talk about them, share them, support them in every minuscule way you know how. Be a part of the driving force that makes a damn difference, or be left behind. 


Permit me a moment to reintroduce myself. My name is Empress Jade. I'm a writer, an ambassador, a poet, a storyteller, and a fashion icon. I'm sharing the shit out of creatives of colors, cause I'm done with season-less creativity shoved down my throat. Join me or don't but I'm making sure these artists are rising and surprising the world with their story and their love.  

In case you needed a head start supporting a Creative Person of Color

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