A Kawaii Memoir


The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

Jadedisland: Musing on Authenticity

I guess in many ways I hint to the journey of my self that I’m living and writing. Jadedisland is that story. In every facet, I grow and not every hour of my life is my most beautiful. I experience life in various formats. I try to confront what I experience and process as best as I can, but I am far from perfect. There is so much to me that is raw and bordering unhinged. Parts of me are ice and others fire. In some mirrors I see a knight, in others, I see someone who clings to the floor as a damsel in distress. The duality, and fractured state equal me. I can never really see myself as singular the way I guess many people do. I just see myself shifting with the muse that calls me the most.

When I say muse, I also mean my facets, the characters of myself I visualized. They are original, and while drawn in the eye-catching trope of role-playing characters I wonder if as a reader you understand that those characters are me. They are the pieces of myself that stayed and just held me together. It’s why I love gems, rocks, crystals and their many sides creating this sparkle ridden whole. I see myself that way. Each time I share more of myself and these facets I understand myself better. Each time I bring to life these voices I sparkle a little under the dull filter of healing and overcoming my past trauma. What me would exist without this place? These are all questions that circulate the me that struggles to grasp what I need to navigate life.

I’ve come to love myself a little more each time I’m here, each time I write and I’m humbled that you are here and a part of this journey of self and more. While I’m sure not everyone wants to hear me drone on mental health, mentality, and healing I still find these pieces important to write. I love what I’ve done to express myself and each step further brings to life the authenticity of my truest self. I love the me I am greeted with on this platform and with this platform.