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E&HS: Blacker than ever July 4th

Empress & her Spectacle: Blacker than ever July 4th

There was a conversation I had with my favorite masochist Aquarius about July 4th. He and I got to talking about the holiday and he asked me how I celebrated, and you know what i realized? I really don't celebrate July 4th properly. I have a whole lot to say about this holiday that needs saying while fireworks are going off making me worried if its actual gunshots instead. So grab that July 4th spiked punch, clutch those hot dogs closer, and sit back while I rip America a new one real quick. 

The BBQ & American Flag shorts don't hide racism: 


Remember in history class when we had to learn the constitution and Americas founding fathers? Remember when they glossed over the part of American history that really impacted people of color for many generations later? Yeah, same. Unfortunately coming to terms with America's history as a black woman didn't really settle in until I went to college. My love of America was certainly whitewashed, and in general, I was awful with how I presented and chose to love the proximity of whiteness. It took some serious mental and emotional change, but it's for the better. Since this change, I can examine my presence in America, be critical and advocate for social change, and human rights. 

With that said, America needs to change how it views its history. Where there is pride in a flag, and glory in the states we need to understand the horrific history that led us to this "white success". Until America's success reaches all its people America can claim nothing. Yes, rewind and reread that again. America will not succeed until it acknowledges and rights its wrongs properly. There is no pride in the confederacy, or in the subjugation of people whose very presence is the heart of America. So bump throwing lights in the sky, while American people and humankind is suffering under America's great white glory. 

Let's not forget the casserole flavored with ignorance

In a world saturated with information, history, culture, and knowledge why is ignorance still the captain of our progress as a society? Perhaps its because instead of action there is apology. A big issue for progress and social movements is that too many people think apologies are the right way to address the wrongs of America. Apologists are honestly a really big setback to change. Recently, a woman interacted with my podcasts Instagram, tagging us as a boost to her own platform in apologizing for white supremacy? There was a whole lot of wrong, and not a smidge of right in that post. The problem with this post is that she focused too much on verbal apology instead of working to address the issues she was apologizing for. 

Yes, sympathy and empathy are very much needed in times like these. I won't deny the importance of those experience for minorities. This doesn't diminish the fact that it takes active action to instill change and fight for human rights. Passive actions, like an apology or even writing a post don't provide the right amount of justice. Beyond words, there's something that can be down to enact the change we need to actually make America worth celebrating. There is potential, there is hope, and there is life to fight for. Right now, as you're reading, black people live in fear under a system that treats them like dirt or fodder to keep America running. A reminder that African Americans are still dying at the hands of police and judicial misconduct at an alarming rate with no justice. Flint Michigan is still without water and its been how long since 2014? Puerto Rico has yet to recover from the devastation of hurricane Maria.  Now we have immigrant children locked away and taken from their parents. This isn't in our textbooks yet but it will be, as we are the next generation to experience American devastation. 

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