A Kawaii Memoir


The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

Chapter 45: Failure Buddies


Empress & Her Spectacle: Failure Buddies

Exhaustion is dangerous. One of the symptoms of being another overworked debt-ridden millennial. I’ve found that as time moves on the exhaustion exhibits in different ways and starts to reach other corners of my world. Here are some ways that I’ve noted happen when I’m exhausted beyond self-care Band-Aids.  

•    I don’t want to talk to anyone

•    I escape into scrolling Social Media

•    I take breaks from Social Media

•    Coffee consumption is higher than water consumption

•    I stop sharing anything

•    I abandon self-care

The state of exhaustion that reaches peak social, mental and emotional depletion kills the need to exude effort. The care about friends, family, and my dreams doesn’t disappear but the effort I put to show it is now wiped away with exhaustion. I’m weary in spirit, no matter how strong my mentality is. Any energy is applied to a state of surviving the situation. What I didn’t consider is that being in an unstable state of survival means no one actually wants to stick around through it. It also means people just refuse to respect the nuances of what surviving does to you. I’m still trying to work out a happy medium between Survival and Society, but at this point, I’m counting failures and surprised at success. So you aren't alone in failing at life, just thought we could be buddies at that. Doing our best to achieve success is not linear. Its tiring, often lonely, but we are doing it.