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E&HS: Bitter Admin Diary


E&HS: Bitter Admin Diary

Dear Diary,

How heated could I be? Heated enough to consider Tyler Perry’s movie, Diary of a mad black woman a valid mirror to my psyche right now. If you keep up with my podcast, Ambiguous Anthology, you already know how much I shade Tyler Perry and his writing. Me thinking his work is a mirror is coming from a place of emotional desperation. It’s exhausting to be someone’s support but also being treated like the leftover coffee grounds on the floor at the same time.

I know that I’m intelligent, capable, and an asset. With that said, the expectation that administrative support is just a code word for office slavery is ridiculous. Of all the people in the office setting, paperwork pushing administrative support needs to be treated the way diamonds were once they put a value to them. Cherish your administrative support staff. This becomes the difference between using PowerPoint or google slides to demonstrate your company potential. I’ve come to understand in my shifting role as administrative support, that often the tasks given are given towards me with no regard to the other streams of paperwork that waterfall me. This is the bukkake of administration. No, I’m not defining that word for you, and yes, I said it. It’s the metaphor that explains I have no benefit from receiving loads of mess all over me in a fluid state of crisis.

The mindset that I’m a worker bot to be treated as the lowest but told I’m on the team makes me bitter. If I’m on the team why does my voice receive constant interruption and dismissal in trying to understand the process and procedure? If I am a part of the team, why am I only remembered when someone doesn’t want to do their job. Why am I am an afterthought when it comes to communicating until someone needs to talk at me.

I think there is a lot in the corporate world I want to address. I just know that anything I say will read as aggressive, bitter, and black. It's aggravating and I’m exhausted playing smile robot on minimum wage.

-Bitter Admin