A Kawaii Memoir


The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

Chapter 37: Being that Messy Bish

Empress & Her Spectacle: Being that Messy Bish


Currently watching the company I work at fall apart from the inside out. It indeed is surreal to commit yourself to work as a cog in the machine and see parts replaced. At the moment the recent debacle is my manager. She’s leaving, and her cavalier take on her responsibilities and duties had me thinking about the mess we make when we go.

As chaos sinks into the outlook messages, and department gaps I question my own sense of loyalty to a sinking ship. I discovered my Leo quality to remain loyal really is the type of trait that gets stepped over frequently. Anyway, the crumbs of my lingering loyalty aside, why do I care about the mess? Is it empathy for the person who steps in after the mess is made? Perhaps, it’s the chivalry and abundance of care about social and emotional impact. Whatever it is, the little lightbulb in my head is flickering off and on. The idea is simple: You make a mess, you clean it up. At least, that’s what I was taught. We were told to clean as we go to minimize the mess and overload of work. It makes sense right? So, why isn’t this a standard way of thinking and behaving? Why isn’t this a step in critical thinking? Managing a mess isn’t just a physical experience like doing dishes or shredding paper. It’s also social interaction and experience.


“Ghosting” if you recall from you or your friends blundering with online dating is when someone who’ve you met or committed time to talk to just disappears at the efficiency of a block button. This is a concept that is widely used and my favorite social mess that I see being left behind. I cackle at times I was ghosted, as I sip on the lovely relationship I have now with my Aquarius. I just remember how I felt being ghosted, how startled it was for someone who was not my absentee father to just abandon my care that quickly. Sure, they owe me nothing, and no they aren’t obligated to date me. However, I think the words “bye” are better than nothing. It puts a stop to questions, feelings, and various mess induced responses from being ghosted. I mean, I think it helps to prepare the receiving end of the mess at least. Similar to why its recommended we put in our two weeks before ghosting our jobs. It’s just classy.

I think as a culture, with our social media influences and mass media we think being that messy bish is the best wave to ride. It’s actually more of a hurricane and instead of the ambiance of waves it's just various peaks of destruction and ruin. We can be better about our messes, and honestly, the effort can be as minimal as just saying “Bye, delete my number” or “Take my employee photo off the wall.” Whatever 10 words you throw out is the best mop to the mess you leave, and it’s a courtesy. How people respond to it, well that’s a conversation for another time.