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My name is Anna Maria Jefferson-Richardson, creator and illustrator of Middnite Designs. I'm a full time freelance illustrator and stay at home mom of 4, which means I must be some sort of master multitasker as well! 

I specialize in Concept Character Designs and Sequential art, that is comics and graphic novels, and have been creating art for almost 20 years, turning it into my full time career in the past 5 years.I was only 11 when I created my first comic, following the introduction and craze that was anime and manga in the  late 90's and 2000's era of my childhood, and started blending them together with the western comics and cartoons I had already been growing up with. 

I was and am still heavily influenced by Disney and Studio Ghibli, but also by indie comic artists and big name comic companies such as Top Cow, Marvel, IDW, Image and especially Dark horse, and having always been avid reader. I naturally became inspired by many books I've read over the years, (I'm pretty sure its in the 50k range with how my book shelf cemetery is looking) and began to mix all those creative worlds and mediums I soaked in around me to create my own stories, my own universe. 

Each story holds a piece of me and a piece of what influenced me during its creation; Steven King's the Dark Tower series was and is forever one of my favorite 7 part series, and that inspired my first ever story starring my main avatar, Middnite, over 17 years ago. I have roughly 9 more stories in various stages of concepts, but I my main focus is her world and its development. 

I'm also happily married to my writer/Husband, pen name Neph, and have many stories in various stages of production with him, one currently on the front burner and being created as I speak.

Middnite Designs is exclusively my art space to create activism art and represent the world around me and where I want to see myself in it, as an Afro-Latina woman in the indie comic industry, creating a platform in anyway I can for black voices, hispanic voices, and voices of color, from the barrio, from the hood, to the rest of the world. My motto is Unity, Representation, and Diversity, and my mission is to spread awareness and teach other creators and artists how to properly represent diversity, through workshops and online tutorials, and in my own way, making a difference in what we and our children see in media today.

~ Middnite Designs, Anna


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