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Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce. This is the newest of my inner selves, and perhaps most famous for “Pink Energy”. I have a fiery spirit and temper and I protect femme energy, Kawaii lifestyles and all kawaii melanin I come across. Unique to this writing voice, “Kawaii Journalism”  a writing style I created on my own, is to share the intersection in kawaii lifestyles, and mentality. You can look forward to seeing my work featured soon, but for now enjoy it on my blog.

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Pusheen with Jadedisland

Anyone subscribed got the news early about my brand ambassador contract with Pusheen. Now lets talk about this first experience and how everything went about. So grab your Pusheen mugs and lets talk about this kawaii ride through everything from the products, to modeling, and the best of friends who supported me through this.

Pusheen Lookbook:

First of all I had to Hobbit travel to pick up my box from FedEx. In this weather, with this asthma, good lord I was a mess. Then when I tried to get a ride back, pure travesty. THIS BOX WAS WORTH IT. When I got home, I did a quick livestream of my unboxing the Pusheen box. Actual giggles occurred as I revealed the Pusheen Beret, two sweaters, peter pan collared shirt, pastel crop top, and athletic gear. I was shaken and stirred like a Kawaii martini. The box was absolutely amazing and each item fit like a gem, well almost. The sports bra required some re-shelving of my caramel units. Otherwise each item was and still is a joy.

My favorite item is the Pusheen Beret, cause the inner activist in me loves that stance and style beret’s represent to me as black femme. Second favorite would be the  matching Black and Pink athletic gear. Not that I work out, but their comfortable fit was lovely and kawaii for my inside my home strolls. I’m sure when it’s warmer I’ll take the set outside for some non-asthmatic inducing fun. Pusheen knows how to make comfortable and cute clothing, so I was happy to enjoy each item and start planning my COORDs for their photos.

Pusheen & I went Climbing:


So my favorite look, as featured on Instagram and facebook was the Dark Kawaii inspired Beret and Pink sweater combo. I accessorized with Un-Resattic Dead Fish Clip, and YumekawaiiJapan Safety Pin earrings. So, on a secret date, my Aquarius and I walked to our village center and near a faith center was this tree with some low hanging sturdy branches. Some part of my chaotic side, and yes I am referring to my facet “Succubus” was like “climb that tree you’re a cat now”. I am not a cat. In fact I have a small fear of heights and I panicked like crazy for someone not that far from the ground. I was so scared. Although looking at the photos I think it was well worth the climb. It was scary, but thrilling to imagine that I was a soulful pink cat, because lets be real Aristocrats was a great Disney movie.

Pusheen & I went Book Exploring:


I know I complain about the morals and ethics of my company, and rightfully so but this time a co-worker really came through. Originally my outfit was meant to be glorified in this cute cupcake boutique but there was a dramatic change in birthday plans. Anyway, pairing the grey sweater, peter pan collared blouse and beret I was rightfully looking a little bookish. I had the idea that I could take pictures in the bookstore, because its well lit and the home to my favorite inspirations. I thought that if I went midday no one would be in the manga/poetry/comics/romance/mystery section of the store. Well I was wrong, someone brought their WHOLE squad to geek out over manga and comics. Despite that hiccup my co-worker and I got to settling in and I grabbed something mysterious and started looking for books while she photographed me. We both surprisingly had fun with this impromptu photoshoot and the silliness of it all. She was really kind about showing me how I posed and giving me time to adjust. Plus, what bookworm doesn’t love being around books, even if the manga loving gang was loud about mainstream anime.

Pusheen & I went Jogging in the Snow:


So the second major photoshoot was the athletic gear. I planned to work with a hired photographer after much grief and stress about being unable to use my iPhone to take pictures. Lesson here, invest in a damn camera. Anyway I head to the local track and its covered in snow, I met with the photographer in the afternoon but even with the sun out I was freezing. I almost slipped on the bleachers and once I took my jacket off I thought to myself, “Never underestimate models and their commitment to be nude for art”. I felt that type of cold up to my nipples. I could not believe I was doing this. Luckily, my photographer was patient and we laughed and joked our way through this tundra experience for me. My other brilliant idea was to lay in the snow. DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME. When my back hit the snow, and bare skin met with the snow on the field I let out this piercing sound in my head cause it was so cold. I had to be still, and inside my inner Yukijoro helped me remain calm as I lay in the snow. The photos turned out better than I expected and honestly the experience was an adventure.

Jadedisland Reflections:


Despite the fun photo and style adventures, I was also severely stressed out. Without having a space, or venue I felt my at home photoshoots wouldn’t turn out the best. I’m so particular about the quality in which I do things. I was nervous and stressed, because all the photos I had received did not come to me in the required format that I needed to submit to Pusheen. I panicked so much, thinking that the work I put forth for all the photos had gone to waste. I was frustrated and I honestly broke down into tears I started to question if a girl from the working poor could be the kawaii influencer I wanted to be. I doubted that I would ever get out or rise. That’s when my friends came through. They kept reassuring my photos were good, and my best friend and my younger sister converted the photos into the format I needed. I was saved, partially. I submitted the photos to Pusheen, while chewing on my lip stressed I was not good enough. However, I got an email from Pusheen and almost wept. They said they loved the photos, my creative use of environments, how I styled items and looked forward to working with me again. My heart leapt, as I thanked my family and friends for keeping me positive during that time. When there is a will there is a way. I am blessed that Pusheen and friends went well.