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Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Kawaii Street: Naruto Street Style


You can tell a lot about a person not by if they watch anime with subtitles or dubbed. Nor by the amount of anime or manga they have in their collection. You cannot judge a being by their anime gear. The only way to define what type of fan you is by one question. “What is your favorite anime.” Anyway me being goofy aside one of my favorite fashion things to do is take my low key snobby otaku side and mixing it with my chaotic kawaii side. My second Harajuku weekend outfit is a fun anime lewk, that can be replicated pretty easily. This tee, of course, is an Adorned by chi Special collab with Black Girls Anime LLC. Let me tell you how goofy and romantic an otaku can be.

I call my man Hokage:

I actually don’t call Aquarius Hokage, because the only love of my life from Naruto is Gaara. You know my sand beast, the king of crushed quartz, my shadow no sleep husband. Ugh, I distinctly remember how cringe loving I was about Gaara in middle school. One of the pieces from my Coord is the Gourd backpack. My mom went to the nines looking to get me this bag years ago, and I was just saving it for a special occasion. I am so happy that the Gourd’s fashion debut was with this outfit. It was a detailed choice I am nerd proud of even if technically Gaara Kazekage and not Hokage. Shh spoilers. This look is very casual overall, but it's in the details to be fun and pay homage to an anime great.

Why did I struggle remembering the Ninjutsu Signs?

Why did I struggle remembering the Ninjutsu Signs?

I went for the Dragonball Z Blue for my bob, despite the fact I never watched the series, used my favorite button clips as accessories to mimic another character from Naruto, Tenten! Think of my hair clip placement as false buns. I might be a wig-fessional, but I have not even begun to experiment with extensions and clip-on. I just like how quirky and fun my hair accessories can be! I paired my outfit with accessories to complement the coloring of the shirt, including my "Waifu" necklace! I threw on a skater skirt and went about my best pink energy way with my favorite Dr. Martin Oxfords. I’m already planning my next otaku Coord! How do you plan to incorporate your love of anime and manga into your outfits?

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Kawaii Street Feature: Coord Couple

Featuring Shirt by:   Panda Fuzz

Featuring Shirt by: Panda Fuzz

I call my Man Hokage

- A Love Story

Picture this, the sun is shining on you’re highly blessed and favored melanin. You’re in a diner munching on your favorite fries and you’re listening to your man talk about the Hidden villages like it’s fantasy football. You look into those eyes as they dance with excitement as his voice goes into detail about the battle between Garaa and Rock Lee but lowers in shame about how wicked Sakura should have been as a character if they gave her more screen time and better characterization. Here is the thing though, how do you tell him you love his anime but you just watch a little bit more than Naruto? 

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Adornedbychi Featured Interview by Jadedisland:

Magical Girl Gang Interview With Black Girls Anime LLC:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
“A twenty-three-year-old anime fanatic.” From the early days of Sailor Moon, Eunice found that she could escape from the torture of bullying in her life and find safety within the stories in anime. “For me, it’s something that I’m in love with, because for me personally, it brings me joy.”

Eunice feels the anime community was stronger in New York, where she was raised, but that doesn’t stop her from creating her own community all the way in Minnesota. She said, “I’m trying to work on opening up, people come to me, and I give advice, but when it comes to myself I don’t.”