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Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce. This is the newest of my inner selves, and perhaps most famous for “Pink Energy”. I have a fiery spirit and temper and I protect femme energy, Kawaii lifestyles and all kawaii melanin I come across. Unique to this writing voice, “Kawaii Journalism”  a writing style I created on my own, is to share the intersection in kawaii lifestyles, and mentality. You can look forward to seeing my work featured soon, but for now enjoy it on my blog.

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Kawaii Street: Katsucon Day Two

Damn this post blew up…..

Damn this post blew up…..


I never anticipated that my Coord would be so well received on social media. Did I really wile out in pink ears and a tail? Yes, magical beings I most certainly did. So, before Day Two of Katsucon even began, which you can read about here, I took some pink energy to the streets and did a mini photoshoot. I’ll be honest I always ears and a tail, and like I mentioned in Katsucon Day One I initially went to Pawstar looking for my Cheshire fit. While they trapped me with pink ears, I decided that on Saturday I would just live my best fox life.

Creating the Sweetheart Fox:

When I wake up, I don’t usually have a plan for my outfit, I just go by whatever story mode setting is playing in my brain and create from there. Yes, I’m an avid fan of the Sims Franchise if you didn’t know. As I woke up to Belgium waffles, and a smiling Aquarius you know what I thought about? I thought about Naruto. I admired the Nine-tailed fox spirit and its pop across folklore and various stories. I wondered if there was a way to embody my energy and Foxes.  I reached into my suitcase pulled out the Lazy Oaf top, and let the magic happen.

Very Jade Motifs

Very Jade Motifs

I’ve been pondering what way I could use the personalized Resin hearts from Pandasancream, and it hit me! Recalling Toshi (Dollfille) words about makeup and not having empty/dead space. I thought why not turn the Black skater skirt into a canvas, make it a mirror to the top. Oh, my golly gosh I did something funky. I threw the giant pastel pink buttons on the waist and looked in the mirror. This was a pink energy look. Clipping on the tail was a process, I didn’t have a belt, and I didn’t want it to show. I tried clipping it to my shirt. Epic fails throughout the whole day, do not try at home. As creative as this outfit was for me, I didn’t realize why I had so much joy in how I looked, until I attended the DC Kawaii Style Panel.


Imani asked, why do we enjoy Kawaii Fashion. We had a moment to think about our answers and while I raised my hand to answer, I actually put it down to 1. Complete my thoughts in my own head, and 2. Save it for this piece. My answer is, I enjoy kawaii fashion because it allows me the chance to create a character that is stronger than myself, and this fashion brings me joy and expression into visual art. I feel that with kawaii fashion you create the self you are meant to be, and you just love yourself a little bit differently and more freely. Coord give me the patience to explore the fundamentals of my art and voice.

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Big Thank You:

I am almost always crying when I see that people enjoy my look, or appreciate the character I create in style, so I wanted to shout out some people who helped spread Pink Energy in a big way. Like, the fact you support me and are kind enough to share this silly Columbia girl bumbling through alternative styles means the world to me.


But Wait….Jade what about that Kawaii Ita Bag?! Magical accessories are in store. Stay tuned for creating a black girl magic Ita Bag~ Jade