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Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Kawaii Street: A Pale Rose


A Pale Rose:

I don’t actually ever miss spring because of bugs, or pollen. Instead, I miss the sun and the gentle pink aesthetic of spring flowers. Something about spring makes me think of gentle femmes, poetry and lurking evil. Yes, you heard me correctly, spring makes me think of lurking evil. Every yellow dusted creature that enters into my bubble of air is honestly a villain at this point. Is it dramatic? Perhaps, but you too would be upset if your eyes were red and your nose was dripping in snot regret. Anyway, I’m deviating from this gentle post into chaotic pollen energy. I want to tell you about what came into creating my look for the DC Kawaii Style, “Bring your own Bento” meet up.


Femme to Villain to Crystal Gem:

I’ll put it on record, the reason I knew I was going to wear this skirt is that the artist, Maya Kern had great reviews from my friend Roxi with some Moxi. That being said, I had a feeling she would wear her bento skirt to the bento meetup. *insert evil laugh* So I decided to wear my Maya Kern skirt as well. This outfit focused on themes from the design of the skirt, the pattern is very floral, but if you look closer, there are white snakes intertwined. Poetic right? Picking upon themes from the skirt, the pink floral paired with my lovely pink oxfords and ruffled sweater. The sweater is from J.Crew, and while I personally stole…I mean borrowed indefinitely from my moms closet J.Crew is a pricey venture. They are perfect for having one of a kind spruce your closet up items, and I do recommend browsing one payday after all your bills are settled.

I will say this over and over, but Toshi really inspired me to try my hand at more creative makeup. In today’s Coord I took sweet innocent love from the pinks of the coord and made it sad with the gold and greens. I like to think my makeup was inspired by the “cusp” between being a hero or villain. The burning passion that shifts someone from doing great good to doing great evil. I like the merging state that femmes and villains inspire, so that went into creating my makeup and accents for this outfit.


ON top of that spring is a cusp state, a momentary blossom of growth and end to winter. What better combo than pink and green to represent that state of being. The last thing, I like pink diamond aesthetic, but not her character and the title for this came from one of the episodes that just messes you up about Pink diamond. It’s a tiny Steven Universe joke and also shade. 

Featured Items:

Pink Rose Skirt – Maya Kern

Ruffled Sweater – J.Crew

Pink Oxfords – Dr. Martins

Ramen Bowl - Onicorn