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We forget about the journey of magical girls and here is the space in which I explore everything related to kawaii, harajuku, anime, and everything pink.

Battle Mage - Magical Girl

Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Kawaii City: Sakura Weekend


Kawaii City: Sakura Weekend


  • Sakura Matsuri

  • Cherry Blossom Festival – Sakura Sunday

It’s another full weekend! I cannot believe how socially active I have been. I cannot believe how many chaotic inspired Coords I have brought to life. I mean how much pink energy do I have left. Nothing now but that’s okay. It was a fun and inspired weekend. I have to say one of the best things about this weekend was seeing DC Kawaii flourish with that pink energy. Let's skip me crying in joy over all the good that happened and allow me to tell about the cherry blossoms and people of the DMV.

Sakura Matsuri: Pollen, Traffic, and Damn is that Fish?

Where to begin. I guess in Lyft from my home town to DC. What a long ride, for a Saturday of wildness that I did not anticipate having. Anyway, as we made our way through the traffic, I hear on the news that not only is there two parades but two games. I looked at Aquarius like “Oh gawd we about to be mad stuck, I’m too kawaii for this ****” but I don’t think he got my telepathic message. It was crazy how not close to the destination we were and how hard it was to get out. We were walking for a bop? That term might not mean the same for some people, but for my asthmatic self, we walked for a Lord of the Rings movie amount of time to find the festival. It was like the worst game of hide and seek I’ve ever played. A kawaii scavenger hunt gone wrong with my sense of direction. Eventually, we found it.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to walk around Sakura Matsuri beyond me finding the table for DC Kawaii Style. Once that asthma kicked in, I was desperately sweaty but kawaii. I would love to tell you that I regret missing out on the experience of the festival, but I don’t. I found that the best part of the festival was seeing people light up seeing our table. I probably could have walked around and explored but in all honesty seeing people smile and ask questions about my community was too wholesome of an experience to pass up.

I even had the pleasure of seeing my sister’s art get popular with kids and adults that passed by. That’s a feeling I won’t ever forget. In these spaces sharing our community, inspiring others to explore creative self-expression, and culture I feel like I’m passing on pink energy to many people. I’m inspired by seeing people’s entire being light up at the possibility that they can find their true selves in the form of Kawaii. It’s a powerful effect on my soul, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

On the plus side, I did get the chance to enjoy my first Rice ball, Onigiri. Aquarius went looking for more I could eat but damn, there was helluva a lot of fish and a helluva lot of long lines. People have to eat. I was able to get the Hello Kitty mask and the chance to meet up with more kawaii people! Plus, I’m not going to lie as hot as it was my outfit was more fire. I met some cute people, but I wish I could have stayed longer! After a fun group picture, I had to bounce on over to DC WEB FEST. That’s a story for another time.

Sakura Sunday: Foxes, Disappearing Moms, and Theatre Group


This event was different, in a sense I took my little family with me to the National Harbor. It was an hour-long trip by lyft but three hours by metro. CRAZY. When we arrived my family and had the typical hallmark movie scenic ambiance. Except all the characters are black, and we were all better coordinated in color. Let me tell you when we go out. WE GO OUT. A squad of elegance, art, and creativity. While waiting for the festival, we were starved. I mean being poor in the national harbor is its own experience. We make broke look good, but it doesn’t feel good.

While scavenging CVS for their wares like characters in an RPG we kept looking to the sky! I was worried about the rain. The winds were blowing pollen around like allergen confetti. We met up with Imani (Ipukekawaii) and helped set up and its where I presented the gifts of DC Web Fest. We had a moment of almost tears, but we had kawaii business to do! That’s when we hear people panicking like sims when stuff is on fire. We all look to see what’s wrong. People are gathered at the edge of the dock and pointing. Someone had fallen in. I started to panic was it someone's kid?! My mom gears up to blow on her whistle cause the rescue people were strolling like they were in a damn music video slow. Turns out it was a grown adult who fell in, and he got carted away on a stretcher to the pink ambulance. I was tempted to eat fish for the aesthetic of pink medical space. Is this my inner menhera ways sneaking out? Absolutely. Once we all realized it was a grown adult goofing off that fell in, we all relaxed but still felt wary.

I was tabling again, but this event had more kids interested in the culture of kawaii and coloring. The coloring sheets were a big hit. The Zine was equally a big hit, so many people were interested in the lifestyle of Afro-Kawaii. I enjoyed seeing a lot of young black people like my siblings getting excited to see art that represented them. Eventually, we tried the food at the fair, and I took a quick liking to matcha green tea. Like that stuff really just hits different. I remembered to stay hydrated unlike the day before. The best part I think of the day was the experiences at the table my family sat at. At some point, without asking mind you, a family sat down at the one spot open to a table filled with 6 people. This table is not cafeteria lunchroom big, its small picnic sized outdoor furniture. They just sat. Worse they ate seafood at the table, and almost all of my family is allergic to seafood. I’m sure the shrimp was yummy since it was scattering grease all over the table. No, the best bit was when the matriarch of the family asked me if I was in a Theatre group.

This is when I end the story of Sakura Sunday. Hold the applause.