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Inspired by my love of Anime Magical Girls, this facet of my writing and style represents my Kawaii (Japanese for “Cute”) lifestyle. I admire Ultra Femme aesthetics, the color pink, and magic. From Sailor Moon to Sanrio this part of me is 100% invested in being Kawaii and Fierce.


Kawaii City: March Harajuku Weekend


Event Highlights

• Hanami

• Swap meet

Harajuku weekend was a kawaii blast. Filled with fashion, kawaii energy, and all around a great time. This was my first full DC Kawaii Style weekend outside of Katsucon. I have to say a big thank you to both my Aquarius Boyfriend and my Aquarius Mother for putting up with my wardrobe panel and panic that weekend. My full lookbook for the weekend is posted if you want to explore some of the concepts and pieces that went into creating my Harajuku weekend looks. Otherwise, let me tell you how sweet Harajuku weekends are with your new favorite DMV kawaii community.

Hello Kitty, Hanami Bites & Sake:


That’s right I did it again. I went to the Hello Kitty Café pop up truck YET again but this time at the local mall in Columbia. Gentlefolk I called myself early being there at 8:30. I was wrong and still ended up roughly in the same spot in line from the first truck I went to in VA. I had to go back. The need for my Hello Kitty wares was high and had to be satiated to the point I left the house in casual kawaii bum only to later transform into the yamikawaii Corazon.

Getting to D.C. from where I live is always a hassle because I don’t drive or live near the metro. If you do your due diligence with social media stalking potentially, you could source the location I reside in. Anywho via LYFT, we went to Washington Mall which to my surprise was crowded beyond the point of social energy. Why? Cherry Blossoms and Kites. So many people were walking around. The fleeting scent of food trucks and the visual spectacle of cartoon winged beasts in the sky was oddly enjoyable. I’ve never flown a kite, but I want to one day. I got to DC too late to join the Harajuku walk and a little too early for the Hanami. I also was starving by the time we got there, coffee and dehydration do not fill a belly.

I eventually found the spot where the Hanami was located! I don’t know much about the history of Hanami, but I will explore it soon. In general, it felt like a fun picnic. DC Kawaii Style members slowly trickled in from the Harajuku walk, and we all gathered and ate snacks that were cooked and brought to share. Unfortunately, I ate food truck food cause I was too hungry while waiting. It was so fun to gather and chat with everyone. I met new people, got to interact with DC visitors because quite a few people stopped and asked to take pictures. I always wonder what they do with them. The Washington Mall was so crowded! Many people would give our group of Kawaii styles a long glance. I enjoyed how goofy and silly we were together and seeing friends I don’t live near is always a plus.

Pink Energy!

Pink Energy!

Now, the Sake. Let me tell you I am a whiskey drinker at heart. Japanese whiskey, no problem. For some reason, I chug sake like its vodka in college. I can’t seem to get the taste for it. Am I a baby who doesn’t like the substantial hit to my tongue? Am I too manly and only want drinks that put hair on my chest? Whatever the reason may be, I just cannot with the taste of sake. You would think with how much rice I eat and hold within my robust shape that rice wine would be the elixir to my weak veins. It is not. My body says no.

I had so much fun that the hardest part was parting ways even though I knew I was going to see the community again on Sunday. We went to dinner after several eons of trying to catch a lyft or Uber in the city. The Metro was crowded than the images of gladiator arenas from back in the day. How do I know cause I was there…I’m kidding, but still, there was no way we were taking the metro home with those crowds. I made it home after another allergy scare, but it's okay I was alive enough the next day to go to my first Swap Meet.

Baby First Swap Meet:


Gah. I took my mom and Aquarius to the Swap Meet. Mainly so my mom could get a low-level stake and understanding of DC Kawaii Style. She had so much fun, she planned out like five Coords. So, rest in peace to our bills. The idea of a Swap Meet is that you are kind of going thrifting for Jfashion specific items. The Swap meet was hosted in a Coffee shop called, Culture Coffee Too. THE SPACE/VENUE WAS SO PEACEFUL. The art ambiance was breathtaking. The walls held Afro-centric art for sale, and yes, my mom wanted to buy a $600 piece. In her defense, I too wanted some art, especially after seeing the Afro Kawaii Zine from DC Kawaii style in person. You just want to bask in the love of Afro Kawaii.

Back to the Swap Meet. As people arrived, more items would pop on the racks. My most important tip for anyone in Jfashion or alternative styles have your measurements on hand. I have had many a day when I just cry cause something I ordered doesn’t fit quite right. Having my measurements saved in Evernote, a digital notebook app I live by has saved my tears. I no longer melt into a puddle of self-loathing cause of my clothes not fitting. While I was sad, I could not fit some items, it also made things more comfortable to know that having these numbers saved me the future disappoint of not fitting it once I already paid for it.

Another cool aspect of the swap meet was the different pieces that came from different styles. I swear I saw a cow onesie. I was in the Moo-d to get a little Dairy inspired. Anyway, it wasn’t till much later that I found an item that I loved and that fit. Gentlefolk, magical beings, and alien lifeforms I have purchased my first lolita item that fits! I was so giddy my excitement could be seen from my favorite planet, Pluto. You heard me say planet. I also bought some fantastic fake nails that were magical girl inspired. I don’t know when or how but whatever Coord comes with those nails I will be a kawaii monster on the prowl.

The swap meet was terrific! If I had to say something for them to improve on perhaps more browsing space. At points, because everyone wants something new~ it did get crowded by the racks. Still, I think for DC Kawaii Styles first swap meet it went great. The venue was a great choice. The options were good and well-priced, and the people were sweet. I loved how kind people were about selling and buying items. If it had been anything less than kind, I would know what to say. I think because of the kindness it made my first swap meet a wholesome and blossoming experience.


Harajuku Weekend Photo Blast