A Kawaii Memoir

Kawaii Tarot

Introducing Kawaii Tarot, read and done by Jadedisland & pink energy.

About Kawaii Tarot


"Sweet Days Ahead"


It all started when…Magic came around

Welcome to Jadedisland kawaii tarot readings with the cutest deck giving me insights and inquiries to think about for your magical future. 

Options for your reading: 

3 - Card Spreads: 

  • Past/Present/Future

  • Opportunity/Obstacle/Potential

  • Problem/Cause/Solution

  • Opportunties/Challenges/Outcome

  • You/The Other Person/The Rationship

  • Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice

  • Option 1/Option 2/Option 3

  • Option 1/ Option 2/ How to decide

  • Mind/Body/Spirit

  • Stop/Start/Continue


1 - Card Spreads

Here is the chance for you to decide what you wish to ask the universe. This is an intimate question. It can be formatted in various ways, but to give you examples: 

  • Where should I direct my energy right now? 

  • How can I best (action)?

  • What should I do with (person)?

  • What challenges must I overcome in the days ahead?

  • What will be working in my favor this week?


The process: 

All readings are private 💕💗💕 I will take a picture of your spread for you, I can type the results from your spread or read it in an audio message if you don’t mind. I will happily do multiple readings if you need or larger spreads, but for the sake of time and energy 3 card spreads are easiest for me. But anymore than my first reading for you will be charged more. 

Now I take all payments through PayPal: 


Or via cash app, Zelle, or venmo! I only charge $1-2 per reading any extra donations are appreciated, all my proceeds go towards my website and food. Pricing works: $1 for one card spread $2 for 3 card spread and 1 card spread. If you want a larger reading price is up to your discretion, but it takes more time and intuition for larger readings

Any questions? Contact me!