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The various moments in my life, along with advice, motivations and fashionable perspectives. 

Welcome to the core of Jadedisland. Here you'll find quite a few of my writing voices and see several of my interests explored in the heart of my Blog. This is the part of my island that holds my journey, my thoughts, and my love of life. If this is the type of blog that interests you, I invite you to read more. Take my writing and let it accompany you during your journey and allow me to remind you about staying true to your voice.

  • (E&HS) Empress & Her Spectacle: Reflections, & my journey

  • Leo Insights: Pop culture, Tv, Fandom & reviews

  • Gem Features: Articles on Crystal & Gem Lore

  • Empress & her City: Travel & Adventure

E&HS: Creative Seeds of Doubt

If you know someone like me, with that “Damn-they-did-that-Itis” send them my way, I’ve got a lot of love I can send their way. A little encouragement can go a long damn way for creatives.

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Jadedisland 2018 Review

The year is ending, and I thought I should ruminate on 2018 a little. For one, I’m proud of how far along Jadedisland has come as a platform. Its became a form of expression and voice that I really enjoy doing. I’m excited to grow alongside my writing in such a visual medium, I feel like Jadedisland the site, and blossoming brand is the marriage between voice and expression that was meant for me.

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E&HS: Venting Evolution

Venting is odd in the sense it’s both a private moment and an open one. How we choose to respond and engage can be a difference positively or negatively. Consider how you vent and what you wish would happen when you did. I’ll be exploring this topic in the future more, but in general, this reflection on navigating Vent Spaces is the best starter back I can give you.

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E&HS: Setting Emotive Goals

Goals for self-improvement don’t have to be physical all the time. I’ve found that setting a goal for emotional development shapes my life differently. Typically, I work with one at a time, but if you’re strong willed, you can handle three emotive goals at a time without overloading your mental and emotive capabilities.

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E&HS: Speaking Loud

I am capable of courageous conversations. I can step outside of my anxiety, pride, and address a problem. I don’t regret initiating the conversation about my salary; it meant I valued myself and what I have to offer high. I need to remember that being the kawaii boss will have its up and downs and that speaking up or against something has its reward.

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