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Anthology "Atrocious Cranberries"

Written by Thomas Bragg & Jadedisland we produced an anthology of poetry, prose, & art throughout our later college years. It’s on sale for 10 USD 💕💗💕 and encompasses the visual & written journey of two friends and artists discovering themselves in an artistic medium. Please share or enjoy our work at your pleasure & whim
— Jadedisland

Thomas Bragg

Artist & Writer


Jade Stevenson

Jadedisland: Muse & Writer

Atrocious Cranberries: Artistic interpretations of sometimes random, sometimes meaningful words


Originally the idea was produced in the fall semester of our junior year. We started taking prompts, where I would write and he would draw. Over a couple of years, we filled our tiny sketchbook we a collection of art and poetry. It's my first collaborative piece with one of my best friends and forever muse. I took so long to write sometimes, as i thought and fought through struggles at my college emotionally and socially. Seeing the finished product has certainly enlightened me to how vital it is to have such amazing support and to persevere through various adversities.

When you pick up the book, you are gazing at the interpretations from two different people, who often don't process the same way. Still, the dynamic imagery created by Thomas Bragg paired with the haunting voice of poet discovering her voice create an epic read of various emotive moments. Trust that each experience of each passage will change as you read and reread. Gazing into the minds of young artists inspired by their Mentor Jan Kather, a professor of multimedia art at Elmira College, is an experience worth having. 

The Book can be found and shared from Blurb.Com for 10 USD


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